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Summary: Flagstaff's KNAU public radio, the Arizona Daily Sun, and Coconino County have joined forces to create a definitive online platform that combines emergency news with social networking. The service provides users with urgently needed, real-time emergency updates about wildfire, flood, and other disasters when they strike northern Arizona.

When our Partners report a new Incident that threatens or affects northern Arizona citizens, you'll be notified by a single email. If you choose to "Follow" the Incident, you'll receive updates and links back here as our Partners, partner Contributors, and citizens like you contribute and provide critical updates and information. Follow what you want; e928 won't bother you with unnecessary news!

To receive invitations to follow an incident as it unfolds, simply Sign Up and provide your email address.

e928 is responsive and mobile-friendly! Be sure to check it out on your favorite mobile device.

Visit our Incident Resources at the right (or below on mobile!) for some examples of the supplemental information that can be found in one convenient site when access to information truly matters.

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